Training with BVPT

At BVPT, we offer so much more than just the weekly PT session.  We recognise that everyone is on their own journey, with different needs, different goals and different circumstances.

That is why we've developed a range of different training options to suit everyone.

Remote Coaching

As an Anytime Fitness member, if you would like the guidance and support of a Personal Trainer to coach you without the energy of face to face training, Remote Coaching is exactly what you need!

Our trainers can track and monitor all of your training, providing you with ongoing advice along the way.  We can assist with weekly training goals, keep you accountable that you've conducted your sessions and even set you up with nutrition!

Simply download the Anytime Fitness & Anytime Workouts Apps and get started with us!

 *NB - Stand-along Remote Coaching is billed via Anytime Fitness, not BVPT


Small Group Training

Training in small groups or teams is a great way to achieving your goals with your friends and family.  We offer a series of Small Group Training (SGT) sessions of 6-8 people at a more cost effective way than 1on1 PT.

Whether its an early morning session, later in the evening or somewhere in between, achieving your health and wellness goals in a team environment is great fun and cost effective!

Whether you want to top up your own training with 1 SGT session per week or become a SGT junkie, we have options for you!

Number of Sessions Retail D/Debit Rate/Session
1 Group PT/week  $25 $20 $20
2 Group PT/week $50 $35 $17.50
3 Group PT/week $75 $45 $15
Unlimited $125 $49 $9.80



If you sign up to a smaller deal and want to fit more in, no problems!


 Fitness Packages

Catching up with a PT for 30 minutes, once a week is definitely going to assist you, but if you want to take your health and wellness journey seriously, then our Fitness packs are exactly what you need.
These packs are a 1 stop shop to ensure you are getting EVERYTHING out of your training experience.

Fitness Pack - $90/week 

Our Fitness Pack provides you with:

  • 2 individual 30 minute Personal Training Sessions per week.
  • Access to our exclusive Remote Coaching System!

Ultimate Fitness Pack - $110/week

Our Ultimate Fitness Pack provides you with:

  • Our Fitness Pack, PLUS
  • Unlimited access to our SGT Program!

You really are a BVPT VIP!

Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy

Do you feel that there is more to your life, that you are capable of more, and have much more to accomplish?

Imagine if you could harness that knowledge and work proactively to achieve success in multiple areas of your life, including your health and wellness.

Imagine what life would be like if you could finally take control of your thoughts and your emotions instead of allowing life to happen 'to you'

  • You would have clarity.
  • You would have satisfaction.
  • You will be self-assured in your ability and your decisions.
  • You will finally be the person that you were meant to be.

Whether you would like help with sugar cravings, quitting smoking, anxiety or depression, our Accredited Time Line Therapy® & Hypnotherapy coaches can help you today!